Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Game Genie Rom Pachter

Just go to "Apply GG Codes" and choose the rom. Next step is to enter the GG Code and all it's done.
Download SNES Addresses

Montag, 19. Mai 2008

Lunar Expand (Roms with trainer menu)

Most roms with included trainer menu don't work on Game Doctor units. The crackers didn't change the internal rom size. The trainer menus are additional data and expand the rom size. Game Doctor always checks the rom size and makes problems. Most of the crackers used the Super Wild Card which doesn't check the rom size. You have to expand the rom to the next higher rom size. Then it works on your Game Doctor.

Download Lunar Expand

Snes Tool

Some of the roms still have a region protection. Snes Tool removes this protection better than uCON64. Go to "Fix for PAL" or "Fix for NTSC". The rom file should be in the same folder than the tool.

Download Snes Tool V1.2:


Download one of the bin datas of the UCon64 website:
uCON64 bin data for Windows

Then you have to download a GUI:

Additional you can download a Super Nes dat file, which makes the options easier to use for you:
uCON64 Super Nintendo dat file

First unzip all the files. When you install uCON64 you have to do the options.
Go to to "Frontend" and "Options". You have to set the path of the uCON execute bin data and the output folder.

Next step is to load the Super Nintendo dat file. Go to "Frontend" and "Select file".
The config directory und dat file directory should be the same folder where your "Super Nintendo dat file "snes-even-better" is included. Then click on Test.
Then a snes-even-better.idx will be created.

Important notes
The common file of the roms you find on the net is .smc. Game Doctor units can't read them. You have to convert them into Game Doctor files.

Go to "Conversion" and change the botton to "GD3" and press "Convert".
If you use floppy discs instead of the parallel connection you have to split the Game Doctor files.
uCON splits them in every 8mbit file, so that they fit on one hd disc.

If you use parallel connection you don't have to split the files. Switch the Super Nintendo on and hold the "R" button. On the screen the message "Linked" appears.
On uCON go to "Data Transfer" and "Device". Change the button to "Game Doctor SF3" and press "Send". There is also an option available for SF6 but it makes often problems.
Your parallel option in the bios menu should be SPP or ECP.

If you use WinXP or Win2000 you will need to download and use the tool UserPort:
Download UserPort

Unzip the data. There will be two files UserPort.sys and UserPort.exe.


Start UserPort.EXE and press on start.

In my case i had to reboot Win XP and click again on Start of UserPort.exe.

Maybe you have to watch in your settings what number your parallel port has, then you have to add the number.

After that you can use your Ucon64 with parallel port.

The uCON tools are also available for other platforms:
uCON website

Game Doctor SF6 Menu

First hold the "R" botton. Then switch your Super Nintendo on. If your Game Doctor is connected to the pc via a parallel calbe the message "Linked" will apear. Press "Select" and go to "Utility". Here you can choose the settings for the language. Choose "Set System" and "English". If you want to load the roms via parallel connection just press "Reset" and hold again the "R" button.

Game Doctor SF6 Manual

Here is the manual for your Game Doctor. This manual is for the version SF7 but you can also use it for the SF6 model.

Game Doctor SF6 by Bung Enterprises Ltd.

Here on this blog i will post some instructions and helpful tools which are very useful for your game copier station "Game Doctor SF3 - SF7".